During the busy summer months, you generally only have a small time frame for changeovers between guests and we are aware that time is at a premium.

Changeovers are not just the time for cleaning and bed changing it is also an opportunity to catch problems early that can save you money in the long run and prevent potential accidents.

Make sure that the pathways are clear and free of slip hazards such as algae or moss. Check all appliances are in good working order.

We appreciate you probably won’t have time to check everything, but maybe have another checklist that has a few extra tasks/checks when time allows.

To maintain consistency and to assist the changeover team, you should have a checklist for the property to make sure nothing is missed.


If you use a key safe you should consider changing the code on a regular basis. Doing this will also allow you to have a quick look and see if there is any damage; in the event that the key safe is looking a bit worse for wear or may have been compromised find need to have an alternative way to provide your guests with keys while a replacement is sought.