Cleaning on Changeover day

Cleaning on Changeover day

Changeover Cleaning Day

Changeover cleaning days can be hectic. Everyone wants to get into their holiday home as smoothly as possible. We can take care of all your requirements on changeover days – our professional team will take the strain for you.

On changeover day we will  take care of everything for you and make sure your property gives the best first impression to your guests.

Windows internal, Window ledges, Internal mirrors, all sides cleaned and polished, bathrooms cleaned, kitchens including work surfaces, cupboard fronts, fridge internal and internal, cooker and hob, all floors cleaned and disinfected, hoovering of all rooms, handles disinfected on all doors.

We can take care of your laundry and have it washed, dried and ironed.

Every holiday property if different. We can produce a personalised checklist specific to your property, ensuring that your exact requirements are met every time.

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