Hot Tubs Pros & Cons

Hot Tubs Pros & Cons

One way of giving your holiday home the edge over another similar property in the area could be having a hot tub for added luxury.

There are pros and cons for this so here a few to help you make up your mind.

Pros Cons
Hot tubs boost occupancy levels Initial outlay, site prep, plumbing electricity
Boosts you nightly rate – increased income Legislation – hot tubs in rental properties must comply with safety regulations
Happy relaxed guests making their stay more memorable They require constant maintenance, they need chemicals to keep
them hygienic
Extends rental period, hot tubs are great in winter They have to be emptied and refilled after every guest, do you have enough
time to do this between changeovers
The number one search for criteria on booking sites is Hot Tubs The water has to be tested every day


For more information visit BISHTA the British and Irish Hot Tub Association for a  guide to buying hot tubs for holidays rentals


The Health and Safety executive

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